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The Greek budding minister, Lucas Papademos, Athens, Feb 14.


Greek Prime Minister, Lucas Papademos, Athens, Feb 14. AFP / ARIS Messinis


“One hundred million will come from marked down handling losses of a Ministry of Defence as well as we estimate 90 million treatments by shortening a little of a open progressing than expected” , has pronounced a single source.

“The superfluous 135 million will come from one more reductions in handling losses of a ministries of interior, illness as well as work. economies of a Ministry of Labour could be associated to a rebate pensions “, she added.

Moreover, proposals to accede to a bridging loan to Greece to encounter a amends obligations rught away whilst land a rest of a assist until after a Apr elections have been no longer a sequence of days, a source pronounced Thursday a German bloc government.

Previously, a Finnish central pronounced which a euro area deliberation a probability of deferring a remuneration of partial of a second bailout of Greece after a parliamentary elections, scheduled for Apr in a nation to s’ safeguard which a Greek domestic parties encounter their commitments upon mercantile reforms.


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