Francois Hollande, during a EU limit in Brussels, Jun 29
Francois Hollande, during a EU limit in Brussels, Jun twenty-nine | AFP / Georges Gobet

Just accomplished a top, Francois Hollande voiced which he would introduce “that have been submitted to Parliament for decisions connected with Europe, a expansion pact, promissory note organisation if necessary, exchange monetary as well as mercantile agreement “. The conduct of state does not wish to rubbish time pushing to an end, politically, a initial European of his five-year sequence.

The thought is “that a 4 office building blocks have been presented together in a Senate as well as Assembly, in a same schedule, nonetheless it can not be a same text” says a tighten join forces with of President. The set combines a Treaty upon a stability, coordination as well as governance (TSCG) to regulatory measures, expansion as well as promissory note regulation, should be finished by mid-July as well as sent to a Constitutional Council, which has a single month to rule. If he does so quick as well as believes which a European package can be validated though legislative addition to a Constitution, Parliament might even be seized prior to a finish of a stream special session.


“You could dump it right away” , says it does during a Elysee Palace, where a single is confident about a Council’s preference as well as where they enclose ‘ deliberation small to have to assemble a Parliament in Congress to rectify a Constitution. The Fillon organisation had already determined a operative organisation upon a constitutionality of a treaty, though it has not reported a commentary to a incoming team. At worst, a resolution would be debated in September.

The Elysee

probed discreetly revolutionary deputies in method to exam this scenario. The conduct of state, installation which it has snatched as a success during a night of negotiations in Brussels, he would try to accelerate to gain upon a inhabitant domestic scene? The plea is to hope for a conflict of domestic interpretation, which non-stop in a Assembly, Wednesday, Jul 4, upon a Summit outcome.

claimant Francois Hollande, during a campaign, affianced to “renegotiate” a TSCG, to a warding off of a usually austerity. President, he helped get him to be associated, in Brussels, a “Growth Pact” , whilst during a same time, a European Council adopted measures in preference of promissory note organisation as well as more advanced upon a taxation upon monetary transactions.


This is M.Hollande try to highlight, presenting all these 4 decisions to parliamentarians, to pass a same suit in a mercantile agreement as well as regulatory measures as well as growth. “The tub of sugar as well as connect during a same time ‘, says a Socialist deputy. Right, she seeks to denote which a Head of State has obtained, formally, no renegotiation of TSCG itself, which has already been validated by 10 countries. It will however be formidable for a UMP to opinion opposite a covenant has brought Nicolas Sarkozy, or opposite a taxation upon monetary exchange which had shielded a former president.

Elysee ensures, however, not to find an equation transpartisane. “We will not begin creation pointed calculations, is annoyed a presidential adviser. were a infancy in a Assembly, it contingency convince. If right, it have been people meddlesome in a ubiquitous seductiveness as well as a country’s recovery, they have been welcome. But a thought is which a infancy opinion a package as a whole. “


The Left Front, for a part, should not be resolved, which calls for a referendum. “Mélenchon wants to replay a compare of a Constitutional Treaty of 2005. It was unfit to remonstrate him, since he refuses a thought of ​​a compromise” , pronounced a Socialist deputy.

a Elysee, a thought of ​​a referendum is excluded. Mr. Holland retains a sour mental recall of a 2005, which saw a Socialist Party as well as rip a initial cabinet member during a time, after his debate for a yes, losing his possibility of candidacy for boss in 2007. During a campaign, during a assembly of a house policy, a claimant Holland, whilst someone floated a thought of ​​the referendum, had strongly warned “We will not fool around with that!”

No way, whilst a left wing as well as “noniste” of PS has so distant hold in tile, to dwell upon issues which annoy. The boss wants to go fast, to equivocate a subject of a referendum as well as to tighten a European sequence, whilst a French method is daunting.