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Asturias, Castile-Leon as well as Aragon, a mining regions of northern Spain, about 4 hundred miners arrived in Madrid Tuesday after roving hundreds of miles upon foot. After marching by a night to a block of Puerta del Sol, in a core of a city, accompanied by thousands of Madrid, they contingency take partial Wednesday in a vital eventuality even prior to a Ministry of Industry. Unions goal to assemble twenty-five thousand people.

Nearly 400 miners arrived in Madrid Tuesday, Jul 10 after roving hundreds of miles upon foot.
Nearly 400 miners arrived in Madrid Tuesday, Jul 10 after roving hundreds of miles upon foot. | AP / Emilio Morenatti

Marchant from a north of Madrid, fluttering their flags informal miners in dim blue work garments went to a Moncloa Palace, a chateau of a budding minister, Mariano Rajoy, cheering “we have been minor, not terrorists “, ” they have been there, those who remove spark “.


“We’ll see if a efforts have been rewarded, for me it is not so obvious” , beheld Felix Lopez, a teenager 46 years came from Aragon in a northeast of a Spain. Equally skeptical, her partner Angel Garcia: “Rajoy pronounced he did not intend to see us, afterwards you contingency go upon a fight” , says it came from Bembibre minor, a mining locale of Leon, in a Northwest.

Wearing slogans upon their shirts as “yes to a reconstruction of mining towns” , a miners have been protesting opposite a government’s preference to revoke by 63% this year to assist open sector, sentencing him to term, they say, thirty thousand approach as well as surreptitious jobs. Their strike, that began dual months ago, has radicalized over a weeks, contacts with a supervision carrying failed, as well as a dispute has been punctuated by roughly every day assault in northern Spain.