Belgium establishes quotas foreign medical students and dental

The Belgian authorities, the high proportion of French students in medicine may cause shortages of physicians in Belgium.
According to the Belgian authorities, the proportion of students French in medicine may cause shortages of physicians in Belgium. | AFP / FRED DUFOUR

In September, medical schools and dental French will not admit more than 30% first year students “non-residents”, that is, those that can not justify three years of residence in Belgium. The decree was adopted in committee of parliament Tuesday by the French Community Wallonia-Brussels.

lucky, 90% of French, will be selected by lot after registration opens August 20. “This is the easy way, but there is no alternative” , explains the Professor Gustave Moonen, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and President of the College Cork Deans of the five medical schools francophone Belgium.


This measure is an extension of the decree “nonresidents” of 2007 (PDF) which established quotas already 30% in eight medical courses: physical therapy, veterinary medicine, midwifery, occupational therapy, speech therapy, chiropody, podiatry, audiology and special education in psycho-educational. Held in physical therapy and veterinary medicine, these quotas be unsubstantiated, were removed following a decision of the Belgian Constitutional Court in June 2011 (PDF). Complaints were filed by students in the name of freedom of movement within the European Union. “Caution, they come back!” headlined La Libre Belgique in November 2011.

Medicine and Dentistry, the Belgian Government could not stop there. “It is clear that the record of speech therapy [speech] will probably be as follows, with the midwives where we have a kind of invasion of students from abroad , particularly in France “ said Minister of Higher Education Belgian, Jean-Claude Marcourt. “I still had contact with the ambassador of France in Belgium on this issue by stating that it was becoming critical. And of course we would continue to protect access to our students and our teaching that There was something totally unacceptable to see audiences completely phagocytosed by foreign students.”

chains medical student numbers exploded. “D ince few years, without the o n know why, we note that entries have tripled and quadrupled in Medicine in dental “ indicates Gustave Moonen. And students not residing in Belgium are increasingly likely to cross the border. In medicine, students who graduated high school outside Belgium rose from 17% to 26% in five years.


medicine always from 20 to 30% of 3,700 enrolled in the first year are French. At the University of Mons, near the Franco-Belgian border, they are even 50%. In dental, they constitute 45% of the workforce, against 30% five years ago. According to the daily La Libre Belgique , the Institut Libre Marie Haps even had to refuse Belgian students last year, because of too many French. This was never the case to the High School Robert Schuman, in Libramont, specializing in physiotherapy, speech therapy and nursing.

“It is an opening to French students who have come from all French departments. And they are very motivated” , says Cecile Bolly, head of the section of this paramedic school, where before the quotas, 75% of students in physiotherapy were French. “There is also an important economic dimension to the area with all these students coming to study at home , she adds. But I do not understand why France does not form not these students, because there are lots of job offers physician. “

But why French students they are exiled in Belgium? “In Paris and elsewhere in France, competitions are very hard and suddenly, it takes refuge here to register and hope that there will be little room for us,” testified RTBF one of the students come to sleep before the Institute Maris Haps. Unlike France, there is no competition and no numerus clausus limiting the number of places at the end of first year . Only selection: have an average of 12 and not having one grade below 10.


justify their quotas, Belgian universities highlight problems of infrastructure, management and budget to accommodate students. According to Gustave Moonen, “quotas had become indispensable to provide students the best education” . “In the first year, then studied medicine at the University of Liege are transmitted simultaneously in three auditoriums for 800 students, says it. And there is an increase in the number of students, but no corresponding increase in the budget allocated to universities. “

Second argument: students tend to return to France after graduation, and Belgium form so doctors will not enjoy it. “Since the 1990s, there is a quota at the end of medical school, before specialization, says Michael Verbauwhede, president of the Federation of Francophone students from Belgium . The French and Belgians are competing in the same way. But as they returned to France, there is a shortage of doctors, physiotherapists and dentists. There is a risk of public health problem. “ This is Besides for that reason alone the court of the European Union authorized the limitation of free movement of European students in April 2010, leaving it to the Belgian Constitutional Court in its decision on quotas.

“It’s not a chauvinist downturn,” says Michael Verbauwhede. Even insistence Gustave Moonen: “We do not ostracism. I welcome French students each year. But we’re not there to rectify the shortcomings of the French system. We train doctors because the numerus clausus French is not high enough. “ In France, the numerus clausus was blocked in 7400 since 2009. Introduced in the 1970s to over 8000, it declined steadily to a record 3,500 in 1992, before recovering from the 2000s. For the start of 2012-2013, it will be 7500.


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