The wife of Bin Laden has in Abbottabad was not killed in the attack


Osama bin Laden was unarmed when he was killed in a American commando raid on Sunday in Pakistan, said on Tuesday 3 May, the spokesman for the White House, Jay Carney and his wife was only wounded. During this attack, “there was a concern on the fact that bin Laden would oppose the capture operation, and indeed, he resisted” , “said Carney.

“In the room there was a woman with bin Laden, the wife of Bin Laden, who rushed to the American attackers. She was shot in the leg, but it did has not been killed “, said the spokesman. On Monday, U.S. officials had indicated that the woman had been used as human shield to protect the head of al-Qaeda and had been killed.


“Questions have been raised about the location of the family members of Osama bin Laden” , also said in a statement the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan. “They are all in good hands and managed according to law”, the ministry said, that parents of the head of Al-Qaeda will eventually returned to their country origin.

The statement did not specify their number or their relationship with Osama bin Laden, but a security official said that sixteen members of the Bin Laden family were in the hands of Pakistanis, all women or children. “There are women and children, but not adult male , he said, describing them as being mostly from Saudi Arabia.

The official said that some were undergoing treatment and others were in shock, their respective nationalities had not been determined accurately. A U.S. official said Monday that in addition to Osama bin Laden, three men and a woman were killed in the operation of U.S. Special Forces. He added that two men were messengers with full confidence of the leader of al-Qaida and the third was an adult son of the latter.


photo of the corpse of Osama Bin Laden is “atrocious” , said Tuesday the spokesman for the White House, Jay Carney, stressing that the U.S. administration had not yet decided whether or not broadcast a picture of the body of the leader of al-Qaeda killed Sunday. “I’ll be honest, the publication of photographs of Osama bin Laden after the shooting is a sensitive issue and we are evaluating whether to do it” , Mr. Carney said during a briefing. The question is, says Carney, such publication “serves or serves our interests, not only here but around the world” .


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