Hippodrome de Compiègne: Eric Woerth will be heard as a witness attended Wednesday



“If I had to redo what I did in Compiegne, I would do it immediately today,” said former budget minister. AFP / FRED DUFOUR


former budget minister Eric Woerth will be heard Wednesday, May 4 as an assisted witness, in Survey on the sale of the racecourse Compiegne, said his lawyer Tuesday, May 3.

I confirm his call as a witness attended Wednesday “ by the board of education of the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR), said M th Jean -Yves Le Borgne, confirming a report Mediapart (paying section). The status of assisted witness is intermediate between that of simple witness and that of indicted. It provides access to the file.

“This file does contain seems no prospect of criminal prosecution, and the progress of the investigation will prove that Eric Woerth has acted perfectly properly,” he said. This hearing is part of the investigation for “illegal taking of interest” for the former minister, accused of “Brad” for 2, 5 million euros a parcel of 57 hectares of the forest of Compiegne, including a golf course and racecourse, the League of Compiegne racing when he was budget minister.

“If I had to redo what I did in Compiegne, I would do it immediately now” , had recently said the former budget minister, at a conference He added: “I did well and I would do it as is.” In addition to the investigation of the RGC, judges of the financial hub of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris instruct the non-departmental aspect of the case.


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