The failure of Palestinian Osama bin Laden

                      May 2, 2011             

the famous statement of the “World Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders” (February 23, 1998), it is, despite its title, the Americans who are the main target of the coalition that already dominates Osama bin Laden. This foreshadows the attacks against U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the attack in Aden, and finally on 11 September.

the-legacy -of-osama-bin-laden.1304342625.jpg

“Kill the Americans and their allies, whether civilians or military, is a duty incumbent upon every Muslim who can, in any country where he found” it is written. At the time the United States are involved, under the terms of this statement, for their military presence in Saudi Arabia and the embargo imposed on Iraq. At these recriminations later added the deployment of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Thus Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb now binds the release of French hostages captured in Niger in September 2010 to a French withdrawal from Afghan soil.

Omnipresent in the speeches of senior al-Qaida, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict still remains the biggest failure of the creator of Al Qaeda. Not that the Palestinian territories are fully immunized against the temptations of global anti-Western jihadism as we saw in Gaza earlier this month with the killing of a militant pro-Palestinian Italian. But the Palestinian ideological references were broadly Islamo-nationalists, confined to the Palestinian territories for Fatah to Hamas if it relies on statements by Islamist leaders themselves (unless it is accompanied with them a recognition of Israel, unlike Fatah.)

doctrinal antagonism between Islamism inspired by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood movement and radicalism forged from the 80s by Osama bin Laden has been resolved by the elimination of the second, losing ground for a long time . The plasticity of the Brethren, capable of integration into the mainstream of the “Arab spring” can also, in the case of the Palestinians to find common ground with their internal enemies (Fatah) now allows them to triumph of global jihad, not without condemning the assassination of the “holy warrior” (Ismail Haniyeh).


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