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The bootleg Afghan during the depletion as well as drop of the shantytown upon the hinterland of Athens (Greece), Jul 12, 2009. The bootleg Afghan
during the depletion as well as drop of the shantytown upon the hinterland of Athens (Greece), Jul 12, 2009. | AFP / ARIS Messinis

non-compliance with laws to strengthen unparalleled teenager migrants in Greece as well as the conditions deliberate “inhumane” to entrance authorities to find haven have been “endangered their reserve “, laid open Wednesday the Greek Council for Refugees.

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“A Amygdaleza [a brand new apprehension center, tighten to Athens] , thirty immature kids have been detained, the series which changes each day” told AFP, the house central Greek Refugees (GCR). The infancy of immature kids incarcerated have been Pakistani though additionally come from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Syria, Sierra Leone as well as Mali, the source said.

immature kids have been incarcerated with adults who explain to be minors, because the series of immature kids incarcerated is not probable to specify.


“The outcome is which many immature people knowledge assault from alternative inmates. A miner was not long ago knocked about (…) , 3 others had to be eliminated in to cells as well small, unventilated, as well as though enough light though being means to go out in the back yard “, the inform said. “Sometimes they have been hold for dual months prior to being expelled though supervision” , says the GCR. And as minors have been unaccompanied, they have worry accessing authorities to find asylum.

“Hundreds of immature kids have been forced to go early each Saturday to the unfamiliar bureau of the Athens military as well as shoving with alternative haven seekers to try to be in between the 10 or twenty people nearing eventually to record an haven focus “, pronounced the GCR.

The International Convention for the Rights of the Child of 1989 as well as the Geneva Convention for haven to strengthen minors, though the Greek Presidential Decree does not heed in between asylum-seeking adults as well as minors, which actuality which minors have no protection.

member in the tellurian debate “No kid at the back of the barriers, finale immigration as well as apprehension of children” ( / children), the GCR called the Greek authorities to adopt the stricter legislative horizon to strengthen minors.