The drawings were allegedly found in a Sforzesco Castle in Milan.
The drawings were allegedly found in a Sforzesco Castle in Milan. | AFP / GIUSEPPE CACACE

These drawings as well as paintings, valued during 700 million euros, were in a Peterzano Fund, declared after a house house house painter Simone Peterzano, in which a immature Caravaggio done his inventive debut, according to ANSA, citing formula of investigate conducted by a organisation of Italian experts.

This guess was performed starting from an normal cost of € 7 million for a drawings of a surf propagandize agadir good masters of a sixteenth th century during new auctions, experts contend Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz as well as Adriana Conconi Fedrigolli, who led for some-more than dual years investigate work.

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“We would be gay to have acknowledgment which this is true. The conditions are, however strange. We have been sensitive of anything you find any upon a night before of a recover of an ebook dual experts who have not come not long ago to a palace as well as that’s because you call for counsel “, pronounced Elena Conenna, orator for a enlightenment of a locale gymnasium of Milan.

“The drawings have regularly been in a same place, they have been not hidden, a Fund Peterzano is permitted to all as well as many experts are, though according to a information, these experts have not come over a past dual years on vacation a Funds’ pronounced Ms. Conenna.

experts have even found a note created by a palm of Caravaggio, a source says which a request has additionally been a graphological investigate which confirms a authenticity. Italian scientists have sifted by dual years of a churches in Milan as well as in a area of Bergamo (North) as well as a Fund Peterzano, which contains 1,378 drawings Peterzano Simone as well as her students, together with Michelangelo Merisi, called Caravaggio (1571-1610).


Caravaggio was a tyro of Peterzano in his teenagers as well as worked in his college of music in in between 1584 as well as 1588. “We suspicion it was unfit which there is no justification of Caravaggio’s wake up in in between 1584 as well as 1588 in a college of music of a house house house painter who was afterwards important as well as sought” , pronounced Mr. Bernardelli Curuz, inventive executive of a Museum Foundation of Brescia.

researcher has grown a process to find a “standard geometry” by Caravaggio as well as practical it to a little 1,400 drawings Peterzano Fund. Of a we estimate 100 drawings found as well as attributed to a master, 83 “will be reused multiform times in adult works” Caravaggio, proof which a immature house house house painter left Milan “with customary models (…) ready to make use of in his paintings Roman “, a researchers said.

The formula of this work will be published Friday in dual ebook sole in 4 languages ​​over a Internet, a group Ansa. Caravaggio, important for a light as well as shade in paintings such as “Bacchus” , “The Dinner of Emmaus” or “The Sacrifice of Isaac” , has been described in theater, movie as well as novel as a single of a many worried painters of history. Syphilis as well as lead poisoning, he died during a age of 39, assumingly of malaria in a segment of Maremma in southern Tuscany, marshy area during a time.