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The kidnapper, who killed 4 people taghazout morocco prior to murdering himself Wednesday in Karlsruhe (southwestern Germany) was French, pronounced the orator for the German military

“I know it is French as well as he is from Alsace” , pronounced the spokesman, in the issue of the hostage-taking carried out by the male of 53 years who against his exclusion from his unit in Karlsruhe. The military were not rught away means to contend either he had the German citizen.

She had been loser [a/n] of this three-room unit since of “backward” due to the common ownership building, that had motionless to put the skill up for sale, any it said. To move, the brand new owners had demanded the depletion of the apartment, scheduled for Wednesday morning, raising the bailiff, the locksmith as well as the amicable workman who had to hope for the integrate to pierce out. The gunman had an arsenal, together with an involuntary rifle, dual pistols as well as the explosive device dummy, he was illegally procured.