The European Union has sealed partnership agreements with twenty-one fishing countries in West Africa, a Gulf of Guinea as good as Oceania. The European Union
resolved partnership agreements with twenty-one countries fishing in West Africa, a Gulf of Guinea as good as Oceania. | AFP / JAY DIRECTO

“Europe is requesting in fish. European waters have been already overexploited, a EU contingency possibly supply upon general markets or fishing agreements with third countries to send a ships in areas still abounding in resources “, explains Philippe Cury, executive of a laboratory of Sète to a Research Institute for Development (IRD).

According to a United Nations Food as good as Agriculture, a European expenditure of fish was 22.2 kg per chairman per year in 2007, an enlarge of 2% per year. France as good as Spain have been during a top, with about 40 kg, good upon top of a universe average, to seventeen kg. Result: Each year, 65% of fish eaten in a Old Continent is imported.


concede this consumption, a European Commission resolved partnership agreements with twenty-one countries fishing in West Africa, a Gulf of Guinea as good as Oceania, for tuna, yet additionally groundfish such as hake as good as sole, as good as shrimp, as partial of a legislation of Montego Bay. The UN Convention upon a Law of a Sea, 1982, provides that countries that do not have a event to entirely feat their fish batch contingency give a over-abundance to third countries around entrance rights their disdainful mercantile section (EEZ) in sell for monetary await to a growth of tolerable fisheries.

The fisheries agreements resolved in in in in between a EU as good as third countries.
Fisheries agreements resolved in in in in between a EU as good as third countries. | University of British Columbia

“The EU can legally send a swift in a EEZ of Madagascar in Antananarivo given no boats to fish off. There is thus no foe with fisheries coastal country. The complaint is that agreements have been astray to a cost turn as good as reduce As a years “, laid open Frederic Le Manach, lead writer of a study, PhD tyro during a University of British Columbia as good as a researcher during a IRD.


The investigate found that European fishing quotas in Malagasy waters have risen 30% given 1986, when a initial agreement with a nation today, Spain as good as France, mainly, yet additionally Italy , Portugal as good as a UK fishing thirteen 300 tonnes of tuna per year off a seashore of Malagasy opposite 10,000 in 1986.

At a same time, payments done in lapse for a EU declined. If a favoured cost seems to uncover an enlarge from 1.1 million in 1986 to 1,700,000 in 2010, a being is opposite with apply oneself to a practiced price: receiving in to comment inflation, Malagasy upon a single side as good as European upon a other, a annual income picked up by fishing Madagascar fell 90% over a duration whilst a Union’s grant has been marked down by 20%. And yet Malagasy 2000 operative with a European operations of tuna, money in a nation does not unequivocally benefit, miss of trade taxes.


Finally, a rates paid in Madagascar, together with a fisheries agreement has been renewed for a duration 2013-2014, have been really low compared to marketplace price: € 130 per tonne of tuna for a fish that now sells for 1800 euros in a initial indiscriminate market. Of this total of 130 euros, a shipowners have been profitable usually 35 euros, interjection to grants of Europe, covering 75% of a price.

“Currently, this is radically a European taxpayer who finance management fishing in Madagascar. While fishermen handling losses yet their margins have been substantial. According to a usual fisheries policy, a benefits should be some-more honestly usual in in in in between countries “, ensures Frédéric Le Manach.


According to a researcher, who is scheming a incomparable study, a complaint of astray charges is a same for all building countries influenced by fisheries agreements with Europe. “These states have been not means to come to conditions agreements , explains Frédéric Le Manach. Madagascar is particularly a single of a 10 lowest nations in a world.” But a researcher temper: “The Europe Agreements have been however not a misfortune . Japan, China as good as Russia settle even reduction fitting agreements for third countries, generally in a utterly ambiguous since texts have been not public, distinct those of a EU. “

a investigate team, a EU should still find to urge a usual fisheries policy. The investigate as good as suggest a Commission to discharge subsidies, withdrawal compensate fees to a fishing industry, as good as generally to regulate annually a payments to a South by receiving in to comment acceleration as good as a cost tangible sale of fish markets.

“In a past, a agreements have been, indeed, astray or influenced , a European Commission recognizes . That’s because you introduced a fisheries reform, that is being discussed prior to a European Parliament. Its missions to equivocate overfishing, to good internal people as good as to apply oneself general law in conditions of tellurian rights as good as labor. ” Watch this space.