The military military military military officer Ernst Hess in 1918.
The military military military military officer Ernst Hess in 1918. | AFP / –

M me Mauss, a part of of a paper house of a journal “Jewish Voice from Germany” , constructed a duplicate of a letter, in a Jul issue. It states that Ernst Hess, a decider of a District Court of Düsseldorf, “was during a fight 1914/1918 in a same association as a Führer as well as a association personality at a moment a Führer” .

The paper records that Mr. Hess “is a Jew with 4 Jewish grandparents” yet stresses that Adolf Hitler would similar to to see a judge’s ask to acquire special diagnosis to be taken in to comment “sympathetic” . The minute ends with an call in to a efficient authorities to “leave him alone in all respects” a person.


Ernst Moritz Hess, innate in 1890 in Gelsenkirchen, western, yet baptized a Protestant, was deliberate Jewish according to a Nuremberg secular laws. He was a son of a lawyer, Julius Hess, as well as Elizabeth innate Heertz, from a promissory note family in Wetzlar (west), as well as was tied together to Margarete Witte, a Protestant denomination.

After carrying to leave his post as decider in 1936, he sent a ask to Hitler asking him, in perspective of his use to his nation during a First World War, a state of emergency. Decorated with a Iron Cross initial as well as second category as well as a Bavarian Order of Military Merit, Hess had finished World War we to Lieutenant.

request Gestapo “refers to a enterprise (Wunsch in German) of a Führer as well as that’s unequivocally amazing” , says a historian, who emphasizes that a evocation of a Führer in this sort of association was really rare.


by an additional comrade qu’Hess could good from this benevolence, according to his daughter Ursula, 86 years now, that M me Mauss found in Frankfurt as well as who testifies in “Jewish Voice from Germany” . This man, Fritz Wiedemann, was help in a sixteen th Bavarian Infantry Regiment in that Hitler as well as Hess were additionally used, taghazout morocco prior to he became a personal help to Hitler in 1934 to 1939.

According to investigations conducted by historian, Ernst Hess was means to essentially suffer this insurance yet upon a subject to basis, given this request is antiquated Aug 19, 1940 was cold in open 1941. The former comparison military military military military officer of Hitler was afterwards deported to Milbertshofen stay nearby Munich.

Despite a oppressive conditions of his detention, Ernst Hess survived a war. He afterwards entered a German railways as well as died Sep 14, 1983 in Frankfurt.