The graves of German soldiers in a tomb during Laon, in Picardy, had been foul in Aug 2010.
graves of German soldiers in a tomb during Laon, in Picardy, had been foul in Aug 2010. | AFP / Francois Nascimbeni

Minister Manuel Valls cursed “firmly offence of forty graves of German soldiers of a First World War in a troops tomb in Saint-Etienne-a-Arnes in a Ardennes” . There was no justification to establish either it is a “determined action” or “reckless negligence of insane people” , according to a prefecture of a Bulge. “We found no registration tab or suggesting to a explain or a domestic message” , a source said. “We do not preference during this stage, you contingency be cautious” , pronounced a prefecture that evokes a arrogance that a acts were committed upon a night of Friday to Saturday.

only forty kilometers from a encampment of St. Etienne-a-Arnes de Reims, where a dual leaders have been approaching Sunday, 50 years after a “Mass for Peace” had been distinguished in a cathedral in a participation of their predecessors, Chancellor Konrad Adenauer as well as Charles de Gaulle. Reconciliation in between a dual countries, after 3 unbroken conflicts as well as seventeen years after a finish of World War II, had been hermetic during that time.


“An review is underway as well as each bid will be done to find those obliged for these degradations unbearable” , says a Ministry of Interior. According to rough investigation, a little forty wooden crosses were knocked over or pulled out as well as used a little for a campfire, nearby that “numerous bottles of wine as well as beer” have been found, according to a prefecture.


twelve 000 burials of a First World War, widespread over 4 hectares, have been a graves of German soldiers, a others have been those of French soldiers, they combined a same source, not meaningful either a authors of this offence sought to go after German as well as French graves. These soldiers have depressed in a battles of Champagne, in a initial partial of a tellurian conflict.

police, alerted late Saturday afternoon, conducted operations in an try to pick up fingerprints or DNA, according to a prefecture.

“The Franco-German friendship”

“On a night before of a grand rite of a fiftieth anniversary of Franco-German settlement to take place in Reims in a participation of German Chancellor as well as a President of a Republic, these acts have been all unacceptable” was dissapoint inside. “I do not know if it’s since of a programmed ceremonies Sunday or if they have been kids. We never had this problem, whilst a tomb is there for a inter-war “, pronounced Gilles Colson, mayor of a village. Sunday, a spray will be laid upon a stage to “mark a invariable joining of a Republic to Franco-German” , a method said.

The Franco-German settlement was strictly hermetic in an central revisit of Konrad Adenauer in France from 5 to 8 Jul 1962. On Jul 8, a Chancellor as well as General de Gaulle had all attended a Mass in a cathedral of Reims, partly broken during a First World War. Two months later, De Gaulle had done an central revisit to West Germany.

“Between France as well as a German people, you wish that there is now, tomorrow, as a bargain as well as friendship” , pronounced General de Gaulle Jun 1962, announcing a central revisit of Konrad Adenauer in France, 4 years after their initial in isolation assembly in Colombey-les-deux-Churches (Haute-Marne). In Jan 1963, a dual group will encounter in Paris to pointer a Elysée Treaty that sets a Franco-German cooperation, a initial engine of European integration.