The Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, thirty Nov 2011.
The Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, thirty Nov 2011. | AP

Read: Holland Sarkozy as well as honour a Armenian violent death

subject, politically supportive as well as diplomatically explosive, came behind in a headlines upon Jul 4. Following a assembly with his Turkish reflection Ahmet Davutoglu, M. Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, had seemed to prove which a supervision did not intend to pass a brand brand brand new law criminalizing rejection violent death famous by France – together with which of a Armenians – after censorship by a Constitutional Council, a content adopted by a Assembly in Dec 2011.


Declaring which “it is not probable to repeat a same path, differently a outcome will patently be a same” , a unfamiliar apportion he was scheming to desert a intoxicating beverage a joining done by Mr. Holland prior to a presidential election? He voiced a personal on all sides discordant to which of conduct of state? Or did he fool around his purpose as unfamiliar minister, forced to hoop a intricacies of a denunciation of tact to get an talk with a deputy of a state which removed a envoy after a embracing a means of a legislation in conclusion censured by a Constitutional Council

So for what it is just a central on all sides of France as a Coordination Council of Armenian Organizations in France (CCAF), by a co-chairman, Franck Papazian, requested Mr. Holland. The hit was not formidable to settle since they know a final fifteen years, a initial carrying even been a communications confidant in a second when he was using for a Socialist primary.


Papazian says “very reassured” by his write review with Mr. Holland. He believes which Mr Fabius “spoke essentially as unfamiliar minister, himself being privately celebration socialists well well known to be auspicious for a Armenian cause” .


sojourn right away 3 challenges. The initial is political: to come in in to force, a content contingency initial be upheld by a parliament. In a Assembly, it should not be a problem, generally if a boss of a Socialist Group, Bruno Le Roux, a CFC will encounter Thursday as well as is well well known for a joining to a Armenian cause, engages in a battle. In a Senate, however, a infancy will be harder to find.

The second plea is legal. “The Constitutional Council’s preference requires us to pass by a eye of a needle, it’s loyal which it’s complicated” , we commend during a Elysee Palace, where a seminar is scheduled with member of a Armenian community. Project or due legislation? “Nothing is settled, a lawyers will have floor” , says an adviser.

The third plea is diplomatic. The theme falls ill, when France as well as Turkey wish to comfortable their relations. “I consider a brand brand brand new administration department in Paris will have a knowledge not to free a case” , says Davutoglu in Liberation Monday. The CFC expects him, a brand brand brand new law will be upheld prior to Apr 24, 2013, subsequent anniversary of a begin of a 1915 genocide.