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MM. Holland as well as Cameron in a corridors of a British Embassy in Washington, Friday May eighteen
MM. Holland as well as Cameron in a corridors of a Embassy of Great Britain in Washington, Friday, May eighteen | Jean-Claude Coutausse / french-politics for “The World”

During this one-day visit, Mr. Holland will encounter a Queen face to face in Windsor, nearby London, where a Queen outlayed a early summer. The talk with Elizabeth II is supposing seventeen hours, during a end of a revisit of French president, who met David Cameron during 10 Downing Street in a late morning, prior to a operative lunch as well as corner press discussion during fifteen h fifteen . The dual leaders have been expected to have during heart to diffuse a sadness left by a candidate’s revisit to Holland in February, that had not been perceived by David Cameron.


The debate surrounding final month in France by a statements of David Cameron, who pronounced he was ready to “red carpet” to French taxation exiles, had frequency helped counts . The emanate of taxation of tall incomes will not be upon a menu, according to a French presidency.

But British Prime Minister could residence an additional bruise subject: a thralldom to amicable confidence income genuine estate by non-residents, that could strike a according Daily Telegraph “some dual a single hundred thousand British “ owners of second homes in France.

European issues have been additionally expected to lift disagreements, David Cameron does not stop to titillate members of a euro area – that his nation is not a single – to action to finalise a crisis, though felt underneath vigour Eurosceptics in his party, he had “less Europe” .

London refused to stick on a agreement in a European budgetary discipline, in a name of defence a interests of a City’s heading monetary core in Europe, as well as has one after another to contend his extreme antithesis to a contract taxation monetary preferred by Paris. Point to pull from Francois Hollande an poison remark: “Europe is not a money drawer, let alone a self-service.”


consensual, general issues such as Syria, Iran as well as Mali will be a event to surfmaroc uncover a similarities in between London as well as Paris, that additionally stresses “the Franco-British partnership” defense.