An drug dependant prepares a reduction of heroin as well as heroin in Athens, Apr 30.
An drug dependant prepares a reduction of heroin as well as heroin in Athens, Apr 30. | REUTERS / Yannis Behrakis © / Reuters

The stagnation rate stood during 21.9% in Mar according to a ultimate Eurostat figures, as well as some-more than half of underneath twenty-five were impoverished (52.1%). With an gigantic setting for rigor, NGOs fright which drug exploded between a most exposed and, with it, infection by a tellurian immunodeficiency pathogen (HIV).

In 2010, a year a conflict of a debt crisis, a series of heroin users has increasing by roughly 20% from twenty 200 to twenty-four 100 people, according to an guess of a Greek Centre for a investigate as well as monitoring of drugs. At a same time, a structures to assistance these addicts had their credits melt.


In a minute to Lancet in a fall, a group of British researchers was dumbfounded to see “budget cuts in 2009 as well as 2010 [lead] to a disappearance a third of assist programs in a streets; a investigate of 275 addicts in Athens in Oct 2010 showed which 85% of them were not enrolled in a reconstruction program. In most brand new HIV infections have been additionally compared with an enlarge of harlotry (and unsure passionate practices compared with it). “

Distributions of syringes as well as condoms have been reduced, weakening a small some-more risk populations. While a World Health Organization recommends a placement of purify needles by drug addicts 200 per year to extent HIV infections, Greece has distributed usually 3 final year, according to a Hellenic Center for Control swelling diseases.

The series of infections by a AIDS pathogen has increasing by 57% over 2010, according to a Center. This infection rate is quite tall between injecting drug users during second hand. Last year it was fifteen times aloft than in 2010.

A exam for HIV, Omonia Square in Athens, Nov 29.
A exam for HIV, Omonia Square in Athens, Nov 29. | REUTERS / Yannis Behrakis © / Reuters

3 years ago, a Greek illness complement was deliberate “relatively efficient” notwithstanding a use of bribes, kickbacks paid to doctors as well as extreme bureaucracy, according to a 2009 OECD. But it valid incompetent to ward off a deepening crisis.

The EU as well as a IMF, which postulated 130 million euros to Greece in March, demanded cuts in health, as partial of a incomparable purgation plan. But vigour groups as well as traffic unions opposite it, as well as domestic instability has done any remodel impossible.


In mid-June, a executive of Doctors Without Borders in Athens, Reveka Papadopoulou, settled which a series of AIDS patients in a city core had soared final year to 1,450% compared to 2010. According to MSF, this enlarge was mostly due to a cessation of needle sell programs in a capital.

M me Papadopoulou compared this preference to a crackdown opposite bootleg immigrants as well as alternative populations during risk. “It has zero to do with a miss of resources,” pronounced M me Papadopoulou, of any form of “animal health” directed essentially during bootleg immigrants. “It is a misconception, bad as well as dangerous proceed to a problem.”

In April, a NGO Amnesty International as well as was angry to see a Greek supervision to hope for to indefinitely catch bootleg immigrants deliberate to poise a risk to open health, to bear illness tests as well as treatments opposite swelling diseases.

The following month, a announcement in newspapers of photographs of women with HIV arrested by military as well as indicted of harlotry in swelling a mildew had additionally caused a scandal. In this aroused climate, NGOs fright which a pierce divided from drug diagnosis centers.