From left to right: Gro Braekken, employers' classification oil; Leif Sande, kinship leader; as well as the Minister of Labour, Hanne Bjurstrom.
From left to right: Gro Braekken, employers’ classification oil; Leif Sande, kinship leader, as well as the Minister of Labour, Hanne Bjurstrom. | AFP / Aleksander andersen

hazard of vital oil has forced the supervision to make the right to levy the finish of the set upon as well as to call for mandatory arbitration. Oil markets have greeted the proclamation with relief, Brent wanton descending by 1.77 dollars to 98.55 dollars.

Norway is Europe’s heading writer of oil – with 2 million barrels per day (equivalent to the French every day consumption) – as healthy gas. The closure of the pumps would have increased the price of oil worldwide, for the whilst depriving the categorical European partners, together with France, the poignant apportionment of their supply.

“We feel betrayed”

The Labour government, that faces the ubiquitous choosing inside of the year, waited some-more than dual weeks prior to deciding. About 10% of 6,515 employees were upon set upon oil given Jun twenty-four They demanded aloft income as well as the right to retire during age 62, 3 years prior to the authorised age in their stream attention as well as 5 years prior to the authorised age in Norway.

“Naturally, you feel betrayed,” pronounced Leif Sande, the conduct of the single of the 3 unions concerned in the strike, Industry Energy, the commercial operation journal online E24. The unions, however, called their members to resume work immediately.

OLF employers’ classification argued that the strikers have been between the top paid workers in the world, with an normal annual income of 133,500 euros, for thirteen weeks. Unions opposite that the platforms of the North Sea have been an cabin of hell, as well as that their employees can not contest for the oppressive operative conditions, with the workers of connect silt fields of horse opera Canada as well as drivers of excavators from the core of Australia.


The set upon had led to the relinquishment of prolongation of oil as well as gas fields upon the organisation Heidrun as well as Oseberg in the North Sea, that meant the every day detriment of about 240,000 barrels of oil as well as 11, 9 million m 3 gas, according to OLF (15% of inhabitant production).

finish closure would have price $ 240 million per day oil companies handling in Norway, Statoil, ExxonMobil as well as BP. The final examination of the kind took place in 1986: the besiege had lasted 3 weeks prior to the supervision intervenes. This time, as in 2004, it declined to “damage the repute of the arguable appetite retailer in Norway” , in the difference of the employers’ organization.

The unions, however, in jeopardy to resume strikes in the entrance months. They stop being due to account their own costs of shortening the age of retirement, they guess during about thirty million – the total they contend they have already set in reserve for this purpose. “What you have been asking employers is to let us compensate the pensions of the own pocket,” Mr. Sande pronounced Tuesday in New York Times .