The musician as good as Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica in Paris in 2007.
Musician as good as Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica in Paris in 2007. | AFP / Olivier Laban-Mattei


motive for this huge task: to suggest a incomparable than hold up backdrop to a movie instrumentation of Bridge upon a Drina , a most important novel of a writer, who tells a story of a multiethnic Bosnian locale of XVI th century until a First World War.


past year, “Kamengrad” (the “stone city”, an additional name for a city underneath construction) is built around Visegrad, city of Republika Srpska, a Serb entity in Bosnia … as good as in a shade of a important overpass over a stream Drina. The latter, story’s categorical impression of Ivo Andric, creation it a place of solution conflicts in in in between Muslims, Serbs as good as Jews, has additionally turn a pitch of a dim hours of Bosnia: during a fight (1992-1995), most civilians were slaughtered as good as thrown in to a Drina.

confident a initial constructions, Emir Kusturica has motionless to keep a brand new locale in a state after a filming, a timing stays mysterious. Eventually, a buildings will horde shops as good as entertainment, creation Andricgrad a “Disneyland” Balkan, similar to a encampment of Kustendorf, a filmmaker’s prior project.

“I am certain qu’Andric, if living, would similar to to see a city that creates an picture of continuity, joining a assorted stages in a story of Visegrad: a time of paganism, a Christian era, Ottoman as good as Austro-Hungarian “, welcomed a executive upon a initial anniversary of a back yard in front of multiform hundred residents of Visegrad.


aspiration by Kusturica to snippet fairly a story of a segment is partly biased. Among a buildings erected or already announced, there have been about fifty houses, locale hall, hotels, a theater, cinema, shops, cafes, a market, an Orthodox church … as good as not a singular mosque, even yet family in in in between Muslim as good as Christian communities of Visegrad during a heart of a story of Ivo Andric.

forgetful all a some-more unfortunate that Kusturica’s statements during a time to begin work, insisting that a usually Serbian project, have worried suspicion: “Andricgrad will illuminate a suggestion of a Republika Srpska, a good read work of Andric had expected “, pronounced executive in anxiety to a Bosnian Serb entity.


radically reproduced by Cedomir Antic, a historian concerned in a project, Monday, Jul 9 during a central site: “Andricgrad attest informative advancement, humanities as good as preparation in Serbia as good as Republika Srpska.”

Amra, a internal Bosnian Visegrad, sees a work of filmmaker “a megalomaniac derangement to erase a partial of history” . Alija same fright in that denounces “the delay of governing body Serbian jingoist who right away wants to rewrite story as good as take over a overpass temperament multicultural Ottoman past” .


The price of building a whole is estimated during fifteen million euros, common in in in between a Republika Srpska, a urban area of Visegrad as good as Kusturica himself, a infancy shareholder. For a little opponents of a project, it is conjunction some-more nor reduction than a “public investment to get a personal pension” .

Cenic Svetlana, an economist from Banja Luka, vicious plan management, for that a Republika Srpska has not launched proposal offers as good as Kusturica open supports “while a nation is in low retrogression “. “When Kusturica has accomplished with his ultimate fad, Andricgrad remain, though a taxpayer will be sour to see his income good as good as indeed flown” , says a economist journal Dnevni Avaz Bosnia .

“To Andricgrad, Kusturica destroys everything” , not long ago headlined a Serbian B92 site. Main criticism: a drop of a outpost Petrinja, a centenary book, that Kusturica, notwithstanding antithesis from a little of a inhabitants, recovered rocks.


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