Members of the Constitutional Council.
Members of the Constitutional Council. | Constitutional Council

“In Germany, twenty-three MPs voted opposite the SPD” These twenty-three who dared mount up opposite the budgetary fortitude agreement obviously desirous the little parliamentary socialists, such that Senator of Paris, Marie-Noëlle Lienemann. Three months after receiving office, the Left is expected to need the right to get the singular of his initial vital reforms.

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The supervision will contention to the Constitutional Council so that it verifies correspondence with the Basic Law. For this covenant requires – this is the singular of the many critical points – “the key of specific rules, together with the offset bill rule” , is the important “golden rule” , that obliges states to order offset budgets. The capitulation of such legislation during European turn would not be though consequences upon the bill in 2013 that MPs will perspective in December. And the bill is voted annually by the procession specifically supposing for by the Constitution.

Hence the question: should you or not rectify the Constitution to adopt the golden rule? Two answers have been possible. Or the Constitutional Council considers that the mercantile agreement is unchanging with the Constitution. In this case, the golden order could be an organic law, as envisaged by Mr. Holland Jun 29, once the covenant validated by the European Parliament in the common way.

The organic law is the step next the Constitution though upon top of typical laws. The domestic summary would sojourn so strong. But the right is not of that opinion. “There is no theme of starting by an organic law, the embracing the cause of the golden order requires an legislative further to the Constitution” , contrasted, Tuesday, Jul 10, organisation boss of the UMP Assembly, Christian Jacob.


But the Constitutional Council might additionally cruise that the golden order can not be brought to France though before legislative further of the Constitution. This can be done by referendum or by Parliament convened in Congress, with the compulsory three-fifths infancy of deputies as well as senators.

The initial resolution is impossible, for the mental recall of “no” from 2005 is still painful, as well as the referendum is deemed as well risky. The second resolution is some-more likely, though has not left alone for three-fifths of the seats. The Left Front has already ruled opposite the mercantile pact. In addition, the “yes” as ecologists Senate Assembly is distant from certain.

“They will be agadir hostel shot upon steer by the Left Front as well as will have to sanction the covenant by the UMP. Six months after the elections, the Socialists will be really broke to have to go by the remodel Voting upon the right “, mocked as well as MP Pierre Lellouche (UMP, Paris), ensuring that ” the infancy will not “.

the little revolutionary parliamentarians, the mercantile agreement was in outcome whilst the red rag. “You have to see what it undertakes. It is not the elementary action that you could discharge the singular day. Now, if you do not follow the golden rule, you will repremand by the Commission, afterwards there will be sanctions that can not escape. This is not purgation for 3 or 4 years time to revive the accounts: this is the purgation forever, as well as it will be though you “, ton M me Lienemann. The former apportion Lionel Jospin ensures that his friends from the left wing of the PS will follow “massively” .


Environmentalists have been substantially the arrangement of infancy supervision the some-more widely separated upon the subject. The contention should be sharp-witted during the summer days of August, during Poitiers, as well as in parliamentary days that follow. “Opinions have been divided, though there is the direction for non-majority” , says Jean-Vincent Place, Group President of the Senate EELV. “I, combined he , my idealisation idea is the renegotiation of the treaty, you have been asked to perspective as is. “

“This will be the impulse of law for the majority, recognizes Christophe Caresche, MP (PS) of Paris, though I’m certain in the end, all PS perspective this text. “ The supervision can additionally equate upon the await of centrists – Union Democrat as well as Independent – who wish to go fast, filed an legislative further to the extra budget, reviewed Jul 16, to concede resolution of EU treaty. “We longed for the covenant underneath the aged majority, you goal the opposition” , explained upon Tuesday, their spokesman, Jean-Christophe Lagarde.

The round is in the stay of the Constitutional Council, that contingency emanate the notice in early Aug for the perspective in Parliament in Sep during the earliest.

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