The OLAF investigations led to a liberation of 691 million euros to a bill a European Union.
The OLAF investigations led to a liberation of 691 million euros to a bill of a European Union. | AFP / DANIEL ROLAND

crackdown is partial of a will of a Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) – depusi Feb 2011 as well as a attainment of a brand new boss, a Italian Giovanni Kessler – to harden a quarrel opposite rascal as well as crime in that supports have been being – that fight, “in a stream monetary climate”, “is of sold significance as well as should be a priority in all Member States.”


The formula were immediate. With 691 million recovered for a good of a EU bill last year – opposite 68 million in 2010 as well as 251 million in 2009 – a year 2011 valid to be a selected “exceptional” to OLAF (see report). Besides a 511 years in jail as well as 155 million euro excellent meted out to fraudsters around inhabitant courts, following a recommendations of OLAF.

For, with a 142 billion euros per year, staffing of a European Union has what captivated a eyes – even, for some, to accede to a square of illegally, as well as that a responsibility European taxpayers. To lane down these criminals, OLAF does not have to demeanour far: of a 463 cases rubbed in 2011, focused upon 122 staff members of a EU – distant forward of alternative sectors: 89 cases regard cultivation , 67 64 Foreign Aid as well as Structural Funds.

Number of EU supports (in millions) by OLAF recovered a year, depending upon a sector.
Number of EU supports (in millions) by OLAF recovered a year, depending upon a sector. | Olaf

However, if a area of ​​structural supports identifies a slightest investigated, nonetheless it is he who reported a highest, with 524.7 million euros recovered, opposite 113.7 million for a etiquette zone as well as 34 million for a agriculture.


But a greatest warn of this inform is positively a geographical start of fraudsters. Germany, however, discerning to malign rascal in a southern neighbors, took second in a standings, with 168 inquiries accessible in a country. Follow Italy (112 surveys), Poland (90 investigations), Greece (86 investigations) as well as Spain (54).

First place is, in turn, attributed – by distant – in Romania, that was a theme of 225 investigations. Conversely, it is Ireland who won a esteem of trait – no review was launched opposite it -, followed by Cyprus (a survey), Slovenia as well as Luxembourg (2 surveys each).

rascal joining list of countries is however really relative. For example, Italy is listed in third place, whilst a a single who hijacked a most money: a box of rascal upon a constructional supports detected by a Italian authorities has resulted in a liberation 382 million, some-more than half a gains of OLAF, who admits that these jot down formula have been a ripened offspring of “special circumstances” . Finally, we contingency not dont think about that these investigations have been done upon reporting, as well as it thus depends upon a eagerness of open as well as in isolation actors to expose … or not.

Origin of reported rascal to OLAF.
Origin of reported rascal to OLAF. | Olaf

In a ultimate report, Constable Europe is endangered precisely a poignant diminution in a series of reports from supervision in new years. Thus, of a 1046 reports that reached it in 2011, 771 were from in isolation sources, when 275 were strange called “public” (European institutions, Member State authorities).

Is a interpretation of an inner corruption? Or rsther than a explanation of a efficacy of a complement of stating of online rascal (Fraud Notification System), accessible during any European taxpayer? Anyway, there have been most who impugn a miss of team-work of open authorities.

Vaudano a box of Mario, Italian court as well as former confidant to a European Anti-Fraud Office, that does not demur to reject in an talk with EurActiv “hypocrisy” states. “In France, in regions identical to Corsica or PACA, problems identical to a box detected in Calabria have been identified. do Testimony e.g. shows that EU supports creatively dictated for pastures were good a replacement of in isolation houses. “


More worryingly, a site EurActiv reports that OLAF has even been denied opening to a offices of Parliament for a purposes of an investigation, prior to we eventually have access. Some even sought to extent a energy of a military anti-fraud, most identical to Ingeborg Grässle, right German MEP, who asked that a offices of a MEPs have been untouched to him, desiring that such an proceed “violates a shield of elected” , reports Reuters.

This is quite a reason because Mario Vaudano advocates a preflight government of European funds, as well as generally a constructional funds. For him, a complaint is that a European Commission does not know “the loyal last finish to that it allocates supports when it does. Funds have been allocated to part of states as well as / or regions, beneficiaries who select . These will be well known by a Commission during a finish of a plan as well as during a time of clearway of accounts. That is to say, 5 or 6 years later, when income has already been allocated as well as spent. “