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Francois Hollande out of a Elysee Palace, Wednesday, Jul 11.
Francois Hollande out of a Elysee Palace, Wednesday, Jul 11. | AFP / MARTIN BUREAU

“Treaty upon a stability, coordination as well as governance in a mercantile as well as financial union” , sealed upon Mar 2, aims to make firm mercantile fortify in a euro area, with a embracing a cause in all countries of a golden manners upon a shift of open accounts. In alternative words, this content requires states to order offset budgets as well as provides for involuntary penalties for those who do not apply oneself this obligation.

budgetary fortitude pact, a supervision would be validated as shortly as possible, could put a PS in to trouble. Some members of a left wing of a celebration opposite it, as explained The World in a book of Jul 11.

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The Head of State took a Sages underneath Article 54 of a Constitution that provides that if a Constitutional Council “said an general joining contains a proviso discordant to a Constitution, a authorisation to sanction or authorize a general joining in subject can usually start after rider of a Constitution “.


The Constitutional Council shall be obliged for verifying correspondence with a agreement of a elemental law as well as contend either or not to rectify a Constitution to adopt a golden rule. Two answers have been possible. Or a Constitutional Council considers that a mercantile agreement is unchanging with a Constitution. In this case, a golden order could be an organic law.

At a Brussels limit of Jun 29, who finished a covenant by a “Growth Pact” , Mr Holland pronounced he had longed for to embody a golden order not in a Constitution, though in an organic law. But, he added, “we will ask a Constitutional Council what to do” .

The Constitutional Council might additionally cruise that a golden order can not be brought to France but before legislative addition of a Constitution. In this case, shift a Constitution requires a referendum or a opinion by Parliament convened in Congress, with a compulsory three-fifths infancy of deputies as well as senators (what a left does not have). A referendum, called by a Left Front, seems impossible.

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The round is in a stay of a Constitutional Council, that contingency emanate a notice in early Aug for a opinion in Parliament in Sep during a earliest.