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In total, the virus, transmitted by putrescent mosquitoes, has putrescent given 7 Jul 3 sixties, the forty as well as the immature male of 18, residing during Piraeus, the pier of Athens to Phaleron as well as Hellenikon. The initial dual were treated with colour successfully, the 3 brand new cases were hospitalized for symptoms “affecting the executive shaken system” , pronounced the Centre.

These cases symbol the reappearance of the pathogen in the nation after an conflict during the summer as well as tumble 2011, where 101 cases were reported, as well as 9 deaths, according to an report prospectus Keelpno posted upon the website . The normal age of patients was 70 years.


This pathogen has so distant especially influenced the segment of Macedonia, nearby rivers as well as lakes, upon an area fluctuating from locations nearby the city of Larissa to the hinterland of Thessaloniki, the second largest city countries. Cases had been reported final year in the Capital Region, in the rural area of ​​eastern as well as horse opera industrial. The Keelpno relaunched the debate of open report upon impediment measures, together with the make use of of insecticides as well as tying watering to forestall recession of water.

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