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” Society has a right to know who supports these part of of a fourth energy as well as what is their independence, “said a newspaper” Izvestia “MP Ilia Kostounov, United Russia party. | REUTERS / STRINGER SHANGHAI

According to a journal deliberate tighten to a government, amendments to a media law should be presented during a opening of Parliament of a State Duma (lower house), where United Russia celebration headed until his lapse to a Kremlin by Vladimir Putin, has an comprehensive majority. This is put in to law a judgment of “media behaving in a interests of a unfamiliar state” , a source said, naming which a media in subject have been those benefiting from appropriation from abroad.


“Society has a right to know who supports these part of of a fourth estate as well as what is their autonomy , told a journal a emissary Ilia Kostounov. we consider a story of unfamiliar agents is not over. ” “We know a nation qu’opèrent opposite headlines sites, newspapers, magazines, whose financing is opaque” , pronounced an additional part of of United Russia, Vladimir Bourmatov.

Duma upon Friday upheld a argumentative bill, job it “foreign agents” as well as subjecting them to larger carry out NGOs reception unfamiliar funding, as well as with wake up deliberate “policy” in Russia. This brand new law has combined a array of amendments adopted in new weeks as those for reintroducing criminalize defamation, substantiating larger carry out of a Internet, or hardening of legislation upon demonstrations.

Russian antithesis as well as tellurian rights have laid open a tightening repressive, after prosecution, searches as well as interrogations which targeted opponents of a Kremlin given a lapse of Vladimir Putin in May.