The Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta after the assembly during the European Commission in Brussels, Jul twelve .
Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta after the assembly during the European Commission in Brussels, Jul 12. | AFP / Thierry Charlier

It has the name: the retrogression of democracy between the little members of the Union from the Communist bloc. It proposed dual years ago in Hungary with the entrance to energy of the Conservative supervision of Viktor Orban. It’s right away the spin of Romania to violate if not the letter, during slightest the suggestion of the first treaties of the Union.

In Bucharest, the law-breaker is not the surf agadir maroc right, as in Budapest, though the left. The Socialist supervision of Victor Ponta only rivet in the kind of “legal coup” for the worse. Whatever the authorised sauce piteously put brazen by the friends of Mr. Ponta, the outcome is the same: it is the conflicting of what you design from the part of nation the bar which is the indication of approved practices.

Jul 6, the center-left infancy voted the exclusion of center-right president, Traian Basescu. This opinion contingency be reliable by referendum upon Jul 29. But Ponta’s group has been operative during the same time to shoot all the powers-cons might block the swell towards the finish stranglehold upon the state, together with Justice.

It marked down the powers of the Constitutional Court. She in jeopardy the judges who demonstrated independence. It revoked the “people’s advocate,” Ombudsman means to plea the decrees of the supervision as well as the Constitutional Court. She gathering the chairmen of parliamentary committees, to reinstate them with Loving.

In Berlin, the supervision of Angela Merkel has called these practices “unacceptable” . Mr. Ponta was listened upon eleven as well as twelve Jul in Brussels by the top officials of the EU. They voiced their “deep regard tion” . They hold which Mr. Ponta has “manipulated the establishment t ion to the coup. Responsible for the serious purgation policy, President Basescu was unpopular. But the Romanians had the event to appreciate the democratically in 2014, during the finish of his term.


Ponta undermines what Europe should be some-more dedicated democracy. His function behind upon the list the subject of the aptitude of the EU increase resulted in 2007 – as well fast, as well casual.

Europe is the large market, it is the single of the strengths. But to be only that, it loses some-more any day, of the meaning. Tolerate practices similar to those of Mr. Orban as well as Mr. Ponta is weakening the bit more.