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The publisher Anna Politkovskaya, seventeen Mar 2005.
publisher Anna Politkovskaya, seventeen Mar 2005. | AFP / JENS SCHLUETER

According to a matter of a Inquiry Committee, Lom-Ali Gaïtoukaïev, a local of Chechnya, right away in prison, perceived “in 2006 a sequence to kill a publisher from a chairman whose temperament was not determined by a review “. To this end, he combined a rapist organisation as well as has hired 6 people, together with Mr. Pavlioutchenkov, who rubbed “between Jul as well as Sep 2006 to settle a chateau of a victim, his movements, as well as sensitive a alternative members of a organisation “, a matter said, though naming a identities of others involved. Mr. Pavlioutchenkov has additionally supposing weapons as well as ammunition which were used in a crime, pronounced a source.


Previously, investigators had indicated which a purported gunman, Rustam Makhmudov, was arrested in May 2011 in Chechnya. His brothers Ibragim as well as Dzhabrail have been additionally indicted of complicity in a murder. They were clear during hearing in 2009 though in 2010, a Russian Supreme Court remanded a box to a charge as well as a review was reopened with a same suspects.

Anna Politkovskaya, who worked for a antithesis journal Novaya Gazeta , was a single of a couple of Russian reporters to malign tellurian rights abuses during a fight in Chechnya.

She was a extreme competition of a system of administration of Vladimir Putin, a Kremlin income this year after dual presidential conditions from 2000 to 2008, afterwards an pause as Prime Minister. His gangland slaying was at large criticized in a West as well as highlighted a risks faced by reporters who plea a authorities in Russia.