Pacific Parade, Sunday, Jul fifteen dusk of Spanish officials, underneath a aphorism “Together you can” . (AFP / FAGET DOMINICA)

There was a proof of “outraged”, Friday, Jul 13, there is a singular called Jul nineteen by a dual categorical Spanish traffic unions, a General Union of Workers (UGT) as good as a Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) as good as in between two, a Spanish officials makeshift Sunday dusk Jul fifteen convene hailed for his pacifism as good as a ambience which reigned in a relocating procession, followed Monday in a “funeral march” for metropolitan employees. In Spain, protests have been augmenting opposite a brand new purgation measures voiced Jul eleven by a supervision of Mariano Rajoy, ostensible to save 65 billion euros in dual years.

officials have been a initial to bear a brunt of bill cuts: detriment of their Yuletide bonuses, thirteenth month which corresponds to 7% of their annual salary; disappearance of 3 eighth month days as good as giveaway days amassed underneath a seniority rebate of every day allowances in box of sickness. But officials had already suffered from prior to purgation plans, saying their salary noted down by 5-15% in 2010 as good as their weekly operative time in Dec 2011 increasing from 35 to 37.5 hours.

Sunday, an extraordinary ballet supporters embarked upon amicable networks, causing a extemporaneous entertainment in a evening, prior to to a Congress of Deputies in Madrid. Under a keyword # graciasfuncionarios (“thank you to a officials”), a unison tweets resounded upon a web profitable reverence to open zone employees.

“To those who teach, those who save lives, to those who purify during all open zone workers.” “To those who caring for a desired ones in hospital, nurses as good as doctors who have been listening as good as await us in formidable times.” “For teachers as good as professors who, similar to Ms. Angelita, taught me to create, consider as good as feel.”

Soon Sunday afternoon, a call to convene was combined to a messages of interjection as good as await to polite servants by a keyword # AcampadaCongreso.

“Yesterday you were teenager [an reference to a impetus of black miners arrived final week in Madrid] , currently you have been servants, you will be tomorrow … citizens. Today during twenty hours, officials called to accumulate outward a Congress. “

Firemen, teachers, police, illness workers marched in a great mood child. (AFP / FAGET DOMINICA)

In Madrid, there have been thousands to rally in Parliament: firefighters with their helmets chrome, teachers with their immature shirts – a pitch of rendezvous in preparation -, policemen in elementary black t-shirts – they do not have a right to denote as a profession, though might do so as people – as good as most others, plainclothes officials or typical citizens.


Spanish media have praised a ease of this event, which had not nonetheless been a theme of a prior to authorisation ask to a prefecture. Unlike alternative mobilizations, infrequently interspersed with incidents as good as face-to-face moving with police, it took place but any hitch. The military charged a correct place of a march, which blocked traffic in As a way advanced, were even greeted when officers took off their helmets to wear elementary fine cloth caps . A watchful pointer of caring as good as support, applauded by all a protesters.

“agents of a IPU [Response Unit police] mislay their helmets. Applause.”

Police pronounced a singular chairman was arrested in a evening, as good as it was not an officer. The protesters who programmed to stay prior to to Congress, however, did not encounter this design as good as diluted around 2 am, when military asked them to.

This mobilization has launched anonymously remembered for his pacifism, notwithstanding a feeble organized. A couple of days prior to to a Jul nineteen traffic kinship demonstration, this is a notice to a personal representatives, so which mobilizations have been a widest probable as good as not limited to singular fringe union. It bodes good for a summer noted by alternative gatherings, as a “funeral march” launched by employees of a urban area of Madrid, who were to impetus multiform hundred Monday during midday upon a streets of a Spanish capital.

To follow live a gathering:

Matilda Gerard