Three sites on four Fiat could be threatened with closure in Italy

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In 2012, the group is expected to produce 450,000 cars in Italy up - here, the logo of Fiat .
In 2012, the group is expected to produce 450,000 cars in Italy up – here, the Fiat logo. | AFP / GEOFF ROBINS

In 2012, the group is expected to produce 450,000 cars in Italy up, against 650,000 in 2009. “Very far from the goal of 1.4 million units initially referred to by 2014” , recall Les Echos Monday. “A site in four is threatened” , said Monday, July 16 Sergio Marchionne. According La Repubblica , vehicles “could emerge quietly from a single site, making the other three superfluous” .


Thousands of civil servants appear spontaneously in Madrid

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Riots in Belfast during a parade Protestant

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The West Nile virus appeared in the Athens suburb

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