A shipwreck is a hundred dead in DRC


overloading of the boat could be the cause of the sinking of a boat, Monday, May 2, the Kasai, a tributary of the Congo in the center of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nearly a hundred people are missing, local authorities said.

The ship, a whaler who was carrying more than one hundred passengers and various goods, sank in the town of Katoka, 45 km from Tshikapa, a town in the province of Kasai-Occidental at about 1 am local time, according to same sources. Thirty people were rescued after the tragedy, but no body has been recovered yet. The boat came from the town of Biponga in the territory of Ilebo, and went to Tshikapa, distant 180 km.

“The boat is still submerged under water, it takes from tomorrow (Tuesday) to see the emergence of the bodies of drowned people” , for his part said the force commander Naval Tshikapa, Major Alexis Bola.

frequent accidents

Shipwrecks are frequent in the DRC, a vast central African country provided numerous lakes and rivers, the most important is the Congo. April 24, six people were found drowned in the sinking of another boat on Lake Kivu, about 45 km from Bukavu, capital of the province of South Kivu (eastern). Nearly two dozen were still missing, a week after the accident.

These accidents are usually caused by overloading of boats, the bad markup waterways, the absence of signs of boats and inexperienced drivers. Also, most boats do not meet any security requirement (vests and life buoys or light signals).


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