Les Bleus in the NBA are close to holidays … and Euro

The balance of the French for the first round of the playoffs is very mixed. A blessing in disguise for the France team that plays this summer the euro in Lithuania.

The Monde.fr: the A

The French Rugby Federation requests a disciplinary procedure against Chabal

The FFR has decided to respond on Tuesday after remarks by Sebastien Chabal putting into question the impartiality of arbitrators of the Top 14. The Monde.fr: the A

The pro-Gaddafi attacked the port of Misrata after being driven from the city

A ship of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) came continue the evacuation of thousands of Africans stranded in the city had to move away to 2 km off for security reasons. The Monde.fr: the A

Dany Leprince counsel made a clemency

Counsel for Dany Leprince Tuesday announced it filed a request with his client, sentenced to life for a quadruple murder in 1994 in the Sarthe and whose application for review was dismissed in early April. The Monde.fr: the A

2010, “year of catch-up” for the Digital world

The Digital world, bringing together the telecom markets, media and information technology, has returned to growth in 2010 with an increase of 3.3% to just over 2 750 billion, according to IDATE . The Monde.fr: the A

The international community should it intervene in Syria?

While more and more voices within the international community in calling for sanctions against Dimachkcus, the Syrian Canvas debate already has the opportunity to foreign intervention. The Monde.fr: the A

Top 14: Frédéric Michalak en route to Australia

Frederic Michalak, emblematic player of Toulouse, is expected to leave his club trainer at the end of the season to engage with the Australian team of New South Wales Waratahs. The Monde.fr: the A

The death sentence of Mumia Abu-Jamal will be reviewed

Convicted of killing a white police officer that he denies having committed the Black American woman in the death row since 1982. The federal appeals court in Pennsylvania has ordered a review of his sentence, without calling into question his guilt. The Monde.fr: the A