Crisis in the euro area: Monti criticized the attitude of some countries “Nordic”

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Mario Monti, the Italian Prime Minister.
Mario Monti, the Italian Prime Minister. | AFP

members of the euro zone have particularly decided in late June, more flexible its relief fund for good students from budgetary discipline, such as Italy, which still face borrowing costs prohibitive.

These decisions were initially lowered the interest rates paid by Rome and Madrid to borrow on the markets, before they swept back against the many uncertainties that still surround the implementation of the agreement.


The fault, according to Mario Monti, “statements (…) of this or that inappropriate political authority of the Member States to northern, or at least having the effect, reduce the credibility of that the European Council has unanimously determined “.

The Italian leader was unnamed Finland and the Netherlands, who have questioned, after the top end of June, some of these decisions, including the possibility for relief funds to intervene more flexible way to help countries like Italy. Monti regretted that we can “unilaterally undo what you do and being built with many common joint fatigue” . If “Finland and the Netherlands” should look for the debts incurred by Italy with the euro area, “they would be very very surprised to find that there has not “, he finally launched.

Eurogroup forum of finance ministers of the Monetary Union, met in Brussels on Monday and again on July 20. Before an August announcement that perilous, as held to remember the Mario Monti.

“The month of August is often a month in which the activities human beings seem to focus on financial markets” , he said, referring to the turbulence in recent years in the open summer, but “I hope that after the decisions taken by the European Council, the market in the euro area will be better protected than before” .


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